After being introduced to NYC-based outdoor lifestyle footwear brand Fronteer earlier in the year we’ve kept a close eye on the young brand. With striking colorways and designs inspired by climbing shoes and vintage outdoor gear, they had solidly earned our attention. And now for Spring 17, we’re happy to see the trend of bold colorways continue with the introduction of two new silhouettes—the Ahwahnee Hiker and Super Gratton Hi.

The Super Gratton Hi is more or less a taller version of the Super Gratton Low (makes sense, right?), and since we’ve covered that guy before, we’ll focus on the classic 1980s styled Ahwahnee Hiker.

Named for Yosemite’s original name, the Ahwahnee Hiker features a soft suede upper with micro-fiber sock cover liner and sturdy as can be Vibram winkler outsole, plus colors referencing some element of Yosemite. Our favorite has to be Firefall, which draws from how, at certain exact moments, the sun hits Horsetail Falls just right, creating a glowing cascade of seemingly orangish red water. Blue Oak is pretty great too, which references the type of vegetation at the base of the valley.