It’s no secret we’re a bit snowboard-obsessed right now. Our love of boarding goes back decades, and though dormant for a while (shout out living in NYC where do anything outside the city can be a royal pain) we’ve got the bug once again.

On the other hand, our love of well-designed products has never waned. We’re aesthetes to the core—to a fault. Which is why we’re so hyped on this new collaboration between Norwegian snowboard brand Fjell^ and Japanese glove maker Handson Grip.

Made in Japan of Kobe leather and a series of tech-heavy future fabrics—largely Nanofront, the world’s thinnest polyester nano fiber, and Outlast, a phase changing material designed by NASA to regulate temperature—with PrimaLoft insulation, the MT Kobe Mountain Mitten is not only extremely attractive, but functional too.

Handson gloves is based in Kagawa prefecture, where over 90% of Japanese gloves are made, and has been for 60 years. Needless to say, they know what they’re doing. And Fjell^? The young Norwegian brand may be younger, but they’re in no way lessor for it. Their dedication to design and sustainable manufacturing feeds into every aspect of the brand, from its Swiss-made snowboards with poplar cores and translucent topsheets to its carefully considered garment line made in Europe and USA.

As these things go, you’re gonna have to give yourself the old “it’s an investment” pep talk before dropping in on a pair. But hey, if a pair of ski mittens can reach heirloom status, these are it.