In the outdoor world so much gear is overbuilt. For the select few out there summiting mountains on the reg, this isn't an issue. For the rest of us who need our gear to do double duty—aka work as well on the way to the office as on the trail—the hanging straps, daisy chains, and buckles galore get in the way more often than they come in handy. The recently updated Nylon Commuter Backpack from Everlane is the answer.

Ideal for boys and girls looking for a single bag capable of commuting to work, the gym, the park, beach, etc, in a range of weather, this weather-resistant pack is made of DWR treated nylon with sleek waterproof zippers and further waterproofing on the interior too. Everlane designers have done well to subtly integrate eight pockets and a padded laptop sleeve inside the dual compartment design, in addition to side-slip exterior pockets perfect for a U-lock or reusable water bottle.

For those out there grumbling about the functionality, we’ll admit that, no, you probably shouldn’t bring it into the backcountry, but it is damn handsome, highly functional in a city setting, and would for all intensive purposes be plenty useful for even a day hike or weekend on the road.

(Pro Tip: Everlane makes the perfect Pocket T and a bunch of other office-friendly basics too)