Explore Life Beyond Land in Eldorado's "Seanomads"

Becoming one with the sea aside the volcanic Spanish islands off West Africa

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To most humans there is no more foreign place than under water. We know more about the moon than what lies beneath the surface of the oceans that cover two-thirds of our very own planet. Our oceans are something to marvel at. And it’s in this very spirit that the concept of seatrekking was brought to life. Designer, photographer and director Martina Schlüter, along with Bernhard Wache, is responsible for coining the term, which comes from the act of exploring islands from the water that surrounds them.

eldorado seanomads

Seanomads” is a new film documenting the transcendental experience of seatrekking, following Schlüter and Wache as they become one with the oceans of Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa. Snorkeling and freediving for all hours of the day, the pair only fully break the water’s touch to eat and sleep on land.

Have a watch, full screen and with headphones if you can. The visual experience is truly unique.

Published 10-14-2016