For years we’ve been following the work of Spanish design studio Folch, especially their self-published projects—from Odiseo, their sophisticated take on erotica, to Eldorado, a publication for outdoor adventure, exploration, documentation, and experimentation. More recently, we’ve even teamed with Eldorado to introduce some of their more interesting articles—Mother Road, Seanomads, and Bikepacking in Chile. And now, the design nuts have taken the step from digital to physical with the release of Eldorado Volume One, a bound “bookzine” documenting the most beautiful and extravagant travels to date.

Eldorado’s writing often leans poetic, and the photography artistic. Much of what you see in Volume One holds an aesthetic draw on a level far above what you’ll find in the average “outdoors” anthology. This is due as much to the fact that it’s a project entirely conceived and produced under the watchful eyes of Folch as it is to the calibre of contributors. This includes outdoor photography/industry golden boy Chris Burkhard, filmmaker Jean-Marc Joseph, and studio founder Albert Folch himself—plus many others.

From freediving in the Galápagos and solo bike touring across Asia to surfing the golden beaches of Barbados, and much more, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better source of outdoor inspiration in book form. Plus, you know, it’ll look great on your coffee table or desk—nothing impresses friends and crushes like cool design-y books from overseas.