Italian-Made Diemme Boots Descend the Mountains and Hit the Streets

The maximalist collection goes big on style and durability, whether you need to stunt on the mountain or the streets

Italian-Made Diemme Boots Descend the Mountains and Hit the Streets


Bob Myaing


Elizabeth Heltof

Bob Myaing is a Philadelphia-based mountain biker, climber, and writer with an unhealthy gear obsession.

Few items in one's gear closet can stand the test of time like a pair of solid mountain boots. Italian boot maker Diemme is a favorite of the streetwear world and this season’s collection undoubtedly delivers to the tastes of #gorpcore aficionados and beyond. High eyelet count silhouettes and chukka boots are treated with color blocks, monochromes, and even animal prints. It’s equal parts contemporary street and 90’s hip hop all in one, and we’re here for it.

Taking a page out of the 2021 guide, the recent Diemme lookbook shot by Dane Elizabeth Heltof was made by seemingly photographing the entire collection in their own home, set against collections of books, records, and on various surfaces throughout. With a flash-focus style familiar to Yashica and Contax devotees, the imperfect images really let the designs shine.



Color treatment aside, the collection also boasts a strong ability to pair together contrasting materials on single pieces. In the Civetta boot, panels of Cordura are mated with leather which allows for playful use of color. Still, we can’t help from gravitating away from the NYC staple status that a pair of all black boots claim.

Sharing the same Vibram sole as the Civetta, the Asiago is Diemme’s suede chukka hiker that would serve well for daily wear. Mountaineering references are found on throughout the collection, just like the Asiago’s lower wrap of rubber around the chukka that protects the suede from water and abrasions (and assists in approaches, should the wearer go off-roading). If you’re tired to erasing scuffs from your “butters” then look to the beige suede Asiago.



We’d be remiss to talk Diemme and streetwear without mentioning the brand’s recent collaboration with our podcast pals at Throwing Fits. The resulting "pod boots" were a pre-order only affair, but don’t let that stop you from copping on the resell platform of your choice.

As many a core outdoorist may also point out, a certain degree of sticker shock may be experienced upon browsing the aforelinked boots. But should you find a hole burning through your pocket—perhaps, say, in the form of a federal stimulus check—take some solace in Diemme's extremely high standards for quality that has found them working with fashion houses like Chanel and Margiela. Despite the company's proclivities for fashion, their boots have a hardwearing reputation that comes from their roots in mountain wear. In other words, don't worry, they're legit.



Published 01-07-2021