New York Cabin Company Den Launches A-Frame House Kit

A hands-on look at the modest 115-sq-ft backcountry cabin, designed to be assembled by three to four people in as many days

New York Cabin Company Den Launches A-Frame House Kit


Graham Hiemstra


Graham Hiemstra

Field Mag's benevolent overlord, formerly of the PNW and now residing in NYC. We apologize in advance for his many mispellings.

Is there any bigger, more shared dream than that of escape right now? Escape from work, from roommates, from the city, from COVID, from politics—the list goes on. During times like this we can't help but dive deep into the cabin kit corner of the internet. As a result, we've documented no shortage of prefab cabins, A-Frame house kits, mobile tiny houses, and off-grid micro cabins.

One of the more exciting companies in the space is Den, who today is launching their newest product, a 10' x 10' A-Frame cabin kit capable of being assembled by a handful of friends over a long weekend.

For just $21,000, Den ships a flatpacked, pre-fabricated kit complete with all you need to DIY your own A-Frame, including framing timber and marine grade plywood, nuts and bolts, double pane glass windows and insulation—the whole nine yards.

This past weekend we had the pleasure of visiting the Den Catskillls Cabin Compound for a look at a fully built prototype.

The verdict? I want one.



As someone who has spent more hours than most starring at cabin concepts, renderings, and photogaphs online, seeing the real deal in person was tremendously valuable. A screen is no substite for turning a door handle, running your hand over wood paneling, and seeing window seams with your own two eyes.

Though techniquelly extremely modest in size—the footprint nets just 115 square feet—in person the A-Frame stands proud and tall. Considerably bigger than I anticipated. Twelve feet high with 11' ceilings at their peak. Even my 6'1" frame felt comfortable inside, standing, walking around, and sitting on the display furniture.



The one-room cabin is bare bones, without a doubt, though thermally insulated for four seasons. It's meant as a bunk house, guest room, office sapace, or art studio—an ancillary structure for your backyard or backcountry plot. There's no bathroom or sink, though precievably one could rig up such a thing if they really felt like it.

With a small, wall mounted heater I could see myself spending a weekend in this improved-tent of a structure. And with the floor to ceiling glass wall, I could literally see all the nature that surrounds—in this case, the Catskills mountains.



A first for Den, the New York-based upstart prodominantly selling cabin plans for do it yourselfers, the A-Frame Cabin Kit is an exciting development. It comes ready-to-assembled, shipped via flatbed truck whereever one wishes (so long as you have a way to remove it from the truck), with a price tag of just $21,000 USD (shipping not included). Three finishing options allow for exterior iterations suited for alpine, forest, and coastal environs. Solar is an option, too.

Pre-orders are now live on the Den site. A refundable deposit of just $2,000 gets you a spot in line, with subsequent payments securing your kit. Orders are expected to be delivered as soon as late January 2021. You already know what's topping ur holiday wish list this year.

Published 11-17-2020