CURATOR, Volume 1, is a new hardcover book with a simple underlying theme that many lifelong snowboarders will agree with: Over the past 30+ years, the most fascinating aspect of snowboarding come not from “innovative” athletic performances but rather the style, culture, and commitment of the unique characters within the scene, media, and industry at large.

In other words, forget Shaun White and his medals. It’s time we celebrate (even more) the creatives that many of us came up admiring, and their impact on both snowboard and popular mainstream culture.

Across 200 pages (bound beautifully with open thread-stitching and an embossed cover) CURATOR features interviews, essays, photos, artwork, and even recipes and sudokus by the likes of contemporary boarders Halldor Helgason and Desire Melanin, alongside legends like Shane Flood, Mikey LeBlanc, Devun Walsh, Gerry Lopez, Orange Man, and Gentemstick founder Taro Tamai.

In a time when snowboarding in the public eye is more associated with apocalyptic articles about declining participation, Olympic whirlybirding, and TV commercials by sugar water drink companies featuring the never ending presence of the Flying Tomato, it’s refreshing to a see a well-designed, sophisticated publication respecting the activity that means so much to so many.

PS- Fuck FIS