In the early 2000s snowboarding was in a rather boring place. Early era bad boys like Shaun Palmer and Boozy the Clown had faded away, and in their absence an industry of like-minded brands backed by suits with riders all wearing size L everything became the norm. Around this time a fellow by the name of Blue Montgomery got a wild idea—start a brand based on creativity, run by and for snowboarders. Enter CAPiTA.

Riders did their own graphics, and wore whatever the hell they wanted, be it jeans or a dress. Everyone involved was involved not for the money, but the freedom to do something no one else would let them. And so, the snowboard world at large was introduced to season after season of innovative and irreverent art backed by some of the raddest, most unique riders. Corey Smith made making art and wearing peacoats cool. Tyler Lepore made you question your negative degree stance, TJ Schneider put many other rail kids to shame, and Travis Parker reminded everyone having fun was priority number one.

In the time since its founding in 2000, Capita has grown from niche, weirdo board brand to owning their own snowboard factory in Austria that's widely considered to be the best in the business. To learn how it all happened, watch the above video, CAPiTA: 15 Years in 14 Minutes.