Best of 2017: Editor's Pick

From bikepacking across Oregon to canoe camping in Upstate New York, these were our founding editor's favorite from the year

Howdy. Graham Hiemstra here, founding editor of The Field. As the year comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment to highlight a handful of my favorite articles published over the course of the past 12 months. Even though the orange dumpster fire that shall not be named sure makes it difficult to look back on the year with anything other than a shudder, it was another banger year for original outdoor content in our little corner of the internet.

We published over 300 pieces of original content, introduced dozens of new contributors, and traveled the world in search of accessible adventure and the best designed products. While we’re proud of every article to hit the net this year, the following five stand out as particularly stoke inducing.

So read up, enjoy, then log off. And we’ll see you in 2018 with a whole new year’s worth of top notch original content.


#5: Canoe Camping in Upstate New York

The PNW gets all the love when it comes to dreamy landscapes, but don’t be fooled, the Northeast is home to some truly dreamy terrain too. Take Lake Saranac for example. The Upstate New York lake and its many small islands are at times as picturesque as can be. Lucky for you, photographer Madeline Tolle and her images of canoe camping there capture exactly what we mean.


#4: Backpacking Washington’s Alpine Lakes Wilderness

The Enchantments are aptly named. If the Alpine Lakes Wilderness isn’t already on your to-do list, it damn well should be.


#3: Becoming One With Oman

Whismy is a word I don’t like. But it fits so well with this 35mm film photo essay from the desert of Oman. Never had I ever imagined visiting the diverse Middle Eastern country—that is, until I saw the spirited images of Nicola Odemann. This is one for the ages.


#2: Summiting Washington’s Mount Shuksan

We like to champion accessible outdoors here at The Field. But sholy hit this mountaineering photo essay shot on both black and white and color 35mm film by Portland’s Vic Garcia is nothing short of outstanding. The way he captures such looming, large scale, and immensely intimidating landscapes in an approachable fashion is something we’ll never stop appreciating.


#1: Bikepacking the Oregon Outback Trail

Because I’m a glutton for type 2 fun and unpredictable adventure this past March I found myself peddling 364 miles from south to north across the great state of Oregon. Riding almost entirely off road, in snow and rain and on gravel and through mud, it was easily the gnarliest thing I’ve ever done. And some of the most fun I’ve ever had.

Best of 2017: Editor's Pick

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