10 Essentials for Upgrading Your Backyard Fire Pit

Because the great outdoors behind your house is about as good as it gets during times of shelter-in-place

10 Essentials for Upgrading Your Backyard Fire Pit


Bob Myaing

Bob Myaing is a Philadelphia-based mountain biker, climber, and writer with an unhealthy gear obsession.

Chances are you’re spending more time at home than ever before these days. If you’re lucky enough to have your own outdoor space, then you’re probably spending as much time there as possible–day and night. And if you're really fortunate, a fire pit exists in said outdoor space. While camping, we’re perfectly happy with a semi-rotted stump as a campfire seat. But at home, why not bring the comforts of the great indoors, outdoors?

There’s (almost) nothing wrong with the set of cracking plastic patio chairs that were in the backyard when you moved in, but if you want to step up your garden game we’re happy to suggest some nice pieces of gear that will help you maximize your backyard relaxation. Read on for the good stuff.



Snow Peak Takibi Fire & Grill

The fire is the center of our ideal backyard hang and as noted Snow Peak fans you already know the Japanese brand's practical fire pits are our top pick. We love the Takibi for it’s wildly modular do-it-all attitude, pop on included the grill net for a pack of hotdogs or the Field Oven add-on to bake some pies. And yes, it even folds up for easy transport on car camping trips. For a good time, make it Takibi time!
Price: $110 $83 (for fireplace alone) SHOP NOW

Snow Peak Fire Tool Set

Though a carefully selected fire poking stick is not to be underestimated, it only seems right to pair the Takibi with this trio of fire tending tools. The steel poker, shovel, and tongs are wrapped with bamboo handles and pack into a neat little carrying case.
Price: $100 SHOP NOW



Kermit Chair Company

The Kermit Chair Company does one thing and they do it well. Well, that’s not entirely accurate—they also make packable side tables to go with their Tennessee-made folding chairs, and they do that well, too. Framed from locally-sourced white oak and walnut, these classic chairs have a cult following around the world, and for good reason. You’d be hard pressed to find another option like it that comes with a five year warranty—these modern classics are built to last.
Price: starting at $189 SHOP NOW

Yeti Roadie 20 Cooler

Though the smallest hard cooler in Yeti’s lineup, the Roadie 20 is still capable of holding up to 16 cans of beverage including the ice to keep them frosty. Plus, it doubles as a pretty decent stool should you find yourself without a seat.
Price: $200 $160 SHOP NOW



Norwegian Wood: Chopping, Stacking, and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way

Most wood piles resemble a loose pile of sticks when compared to the fine stacks displayed in this volume. Our friends from Scandinavia have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the art of chopping, stacking, and seasoning wood for burning. Bonus: a brief interview with the author/wood stacking philosopher Lars Mytting.
Price: $25 $18 SHOP NOW

Hults Bruk Almike Hatchet

Now that you’ve learned the Scandinavian way, it’s time for a piece of fine chopping cutting equipment of the same origin. A handle of American hickory meets a solid head of Swedish steel in this short 16” hatchet–short but mighty for most backyard and campsite tasks.
Price: $139 SHOP NOW



Woolrich Rough Rider Wool Blanket

Maybe it turned out to be a colder night than expected, or maybe you don’t want to blow through your timber stock this early in the season. The coldest campfire goer will be comforted by this muted plaid wool blanket from Woolrich, America's oldest continually operated wool mill. Also worth noting that wool is reportedly naturally fire resistant, compared to synthetics, so no need to freak if a rouge ember lands in your lap.
Price: $155 SHOP NOW

Duraflame Outdoor Firelogs

A bundle of dry kindling may not always be on hand, let alone the inkling of how to start a fire with it. A pack of three of these new logs from the OG firestarter brand—made from recycled and renewable wood—will burn for three whole hours, with less smoke than a traditional fire, making them a great backup in case your cord delivery is behind schedule.
Price: $15 SHOP NOW



Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell 3.0 Bluetooth Speaker

We’re not saying that you have to pump the jams loud enough to wake up the neighbors, their dog, and their newborn ,but if you wanted to this Turtle Shell speaker could definitely make that happen. Not only does it come in a licensed Mossy Oak camo, it also boats IPX7 dust and waterproof ratings to help you out when you inevitably leave the invisible speaker out in the rain.
Price: $110 $82 SHOP NOW

MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights

Just enough mood lighting to complement a modest backyard bonfire or even serve to light the mess table at camp. Leave the retracting hub in view of the sun and you’ll never even need to use the usb port for power, but it’s there just in case of cloudy weather.
Price: $45 $34 SHOP NOW

Published 04-21-2020