Getting off the grid is a dream for many. It seems so idyllic, being free of distractions like email and IG. But what happens when things go pear-shaped? Without cell service or Wi-Fi few options exist for contacting the outside world. Well, today new Montana-based startup Beartooth introduces an eponymous device-based solution capable of connecting multiple people with a private network spanning up to two miles. So whether you’re backcountry skiing or, god forbid, at a music festival where too much cell activity has brought down the local network, you’ll be able to stay in touch with friends and even share GPS coordinates.

Sold in pairs, the Beartooth device is roughly half the size of a standard iPhone. It works by creating it’s own off-grid network detectable only by other Beartooth devices—a user to user connection. The hardware connects to your phone via bluetooth and an app, allowing users to text and call with their phone as normal—no funky walkie talkie buttons or protocol, though we’ll still probably end every sentence with “over”—and even allows users to share their location and browse offline maps via cloud-based mapping platform ArcGIS. And it works with iOS and Android.

Pre-orders are available as of today from Beartooth directly, with a manageable price of $249 for the pair (MSRP is closer to $500, FYI). We have yet to get our hands on the device for a field test of our own, but we hope to soon. Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, read up on product here.