A natural pairing for your adventuring outpost or the answer to personal-spa needs, freestanding modern, electric saunas are relatively easy to maintain and a proven way to rest weary bones. The health benefits of heat-bathing have been heralded for hundreds of years, with outdoor saunas being a staple of daily life in Scandinavia and beyond. More recently in North America, the practice is experiencing a resurgence too, with dozens of international options for prefabricated saunas ready to be delivered wherever you deem worthy.

Backcountry Hut Company, the Vancouver, BC-based studio currently making some of the most impressive prefab cabins out now, has thrown their hat into the ring too with the stunning new plug and play prefab sauna System S.

Similar to their established cabin models, the austere System S is designed to be durable, visually striking, and energy-efficient, clad in black painted steel with a massive double-glazed picture window, and heated with a Tylö electric sauna system. Taking inspiration from Nordic sauna design, the interior is lined with sustainably-sourced clear (or knot-free) cedar and fits up to six adults comfortably on its two-level bench layout.

The modest 8’ x 10’ footprint and is delivered completely assembled, ready to run, where its modest size helps to circumvent most build permit restrictions. From there, hook it up to existing electrical systems and you’re good to go.

Happy sauna-ing, ya’ll.

System S is currently available for $49,700 CDN (~$37,500 USD) with delivery in North American available.