There's a place that makes up most of the Northern California coast, removed from the surrounding cities of San Fransisco and Santa Cruz, and it's called Big Sur. Here the road veers far from the coast line leaving it mostly undeveloped by the human hand, yet fully developed by nature. Thick forests, jagged rocks, and sheer cliffs are just a few of the things to overcome if the coast line is your destination.

The waters are cold, deep, and mysterious—a dark blue that enlightens the eye but leaves the mind eerily curious of what lies beneath. This is one of my favorite places in the world. It’s magical really. There's mystery in what’s at the end of the trail, through the other side of the forest, the people that live here, and the ongoing adventure. Though I've been a few times I still can never seem to find the exact same places I'd been on visits prior, favorably forcing me to always stumble onto something new.

On my most recent trip some pals and I grabbed our surfboards, hired a couple VW Vanagons, and hit the road. No service, no email—just a camera, a 5’10’’ thruster, and a few good friends. If a visit is in the cards for you, I recommend you do the same.