If it wasn’t already apparent, The Field is an independent operation—more or less two dudes on laptops in a one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. As such, we’re especially down for other folks fighting the good fight to bring fresh ideas to life in an increasingly corporate world. But that’s just one reason why we’re digging Afield Out, the new outdoor lifestyle apparel brand from Santa Ana, California. It’s their understated graphic-led designs meant to function in the wilderness as well as the city that really sealed the deal.

The young brand by self-taught designer Brian Chor ignores an industry preference for bright colors and over-engineered staples for a refined selection of versatile classics, including a couple Ts, a pair of pants, a hoodie, fleece-lined jacket, and poncho, along with a few accessories we’re hyped on. Most products are made close to home in Los Angeles to ensure quality.

“I felt like there was a void in the gear that was available at typical outdoor stores such as REI,” Chor tells us. “Nothing really spoke to me or my friends so I wanted to make my own line.”

This DIY approach not only informed the brand’s genesis, but continues on in its DNA as well—from graphic design to color preference, Afield Out makes the argument for a more punk-influenced corner of outdoor culture. Or maybe it's a lowkey Goth corner... either way the message is made clear with the college-styled Outsider hoodie.

Another favorite in the debut collection is the Gore-Tex Poncho. Though a bit off the radar of most, the centuries-old design is an extremely useful design when traveling in wet environments. The branded bandana, carabiner, and lighters are a rad addition too.

Support independent brands doing things differently. Our world will be better off for it.