Architectural Inspo: Lake Bled Prefab Cabins, Slovenia

A series of low energy residences deep in the Slovenian forest

Deep in the alpine region of Slovenia, near the beautiful Lake Bled, stands a series of independent prefab dwellings that are sure to be the envy of any and all passersby, however rare they may be. Designed and built in 2015 by Ekokoncept—a Slovenian design firm specializing in prefabricated homes—for an undisclosed client, the four freestanding structures are low-energy, extremely well-insulated, constructed of locally sourced spruce, and clad in black larch wood, making them suitable for year round habitation.

To keep the impact of construction to a minimum, each pavilion was constructed elsewhere and delivered in two separate pieces. Once on site, the two sections were attached to form the A-like structure, joining a living space with a restroom and cooking area. In order to hold up in such a damp, rugged environment, no windows or openings face the dense forest, though the ends feature floor to ceiling windows to let in natural light.

Sticking to a white, grey, and off-white color pallet, the structures aim to be absorbed into their surrounding environment, rather than impose upon it. For more information on the project, visit KonKecpt's page on Architzer.

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