Architectural Inspo: Stormvillan Seaside Villa, Finland

A light and airy, spruce-paneled home set against the rugged Baltic Sea

Located in the historic villa district of Hanko, Finland—a once popular seaside destination for Russian nobility in the late 19th century—Stormvillan is a beautiful example of minimalist Nordic design accented with natural materials and pastel colors.

Cut into rock to accommodate beach access on the lower level while maintaining unobstructed, sweeping views on the main, the home design is at once dramatic and calming. The main floor is all about light, with an open plan drawing in nature from three directions—the lounge designed to capture sunsets, living room facing out to the Baltic Sea, and master bedroom embracing the surrounding cliffside and its wind blown juniper and pine trees.

Much of the villa is clad in spruce paneling, painted with traditional linseed oil, as many remaining 19th century villas in the area are as well. A section of the first floor roof is green, allowing nature to take over, while the top floor’s zink roof absorbs the coast’s often dark sky. What a way to blend in while still making a serious design statement. Nice work Mer Arkkitehdit.

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