Architectural Inspo: FAHouse by Jean Verville Architect

A striking modern design that invites the wild outdoors in

Nestled deep in a hemlock forest far outside the hustle of Quebec City nearer the US border, lies FAHouse, a striking example of how to make modernism playful and fun. Designed by architect Jean Verville for a young couple and their two children, the home’s main shape was inspired by the archetypal form of a home—imagine how a child might draw a house, then double out. The sizable structure is large and imposing, sure, but never oppressive, fitting in surprisingly well with the surrounding landscape.

While the exterior is stark and black, the interior layout is open and expansive, bright, white, and clad in warm wood with a natural finish. A pop of bright red accents an entryway, adding to the home’s dynamic personality further hammered home through many quirky details like multiple bedroom doors sized for adults and children alike. Clever floor-to-ceiling windows open the second floor to the elements and similarly designed sliding glass doors open the main floor’s kitchen and living space to the expansive patio area. The pleasant indoor/outdoor flow of the home opens it and its inhabitants to the natural surrounding beauty. What more could you ask for in a modern home of this calibre?

via Dwell

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