This Tiny Cabin Concept Embodies Hygge in Upstate New York

Legendary Danish design firm BIG erects the first prototype cabin just outside New York City

As New Yorkers with Pacific Northwest roots, our search for the perfect place to escape the city to is never ending. Thankfully, the Catskill Mountains lay just a couple hours north of the city, offering everything from camping and climbing to hiking and fly fishing. It’s also the site of A45, a new prototype cabin concept designed by legendary Danish architecture firm BIG for Klein, a new soon-to-launch prefab tiny house startup.

With a design that’s effectively a classic A-frame cut in half and a modest footprint of just 183 square feet, the one-story building relies heavily on a vaulted ceiling and full wall of windows to make the space feel livable and not suffocating—a serious issue many “tiny homes” have.

Light Douglas fir covers the floors, cork lines the interior roof between beams of the pine framing, and cedar wraps the bathroom floor-to-ceiling. Considered Scandinavian furniture elevates the cabin, while a wood-fired stove brings it back down to earth. In short, A45 is a contemporary embodiment of hygge, the Danish concept of cosiness and comfort, rooted in happiness. And we love it.

A45 is the first prototype of what Klein hopes to mass produce in the near future, with each tiny house design coming from a different influential international architect. You’re right, this is game changing stuff here, folks.

keep an eye on Klein as the tiny home concept company continues to move towards launch

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