We’ve all been riding the #vanlife trend for a while now. What’s not to love?! But deep down, for many, it can be hard to reconcile that you do in fact, own, and sometimes live in, a van. Building a bed in your 4x4 is another great option. But consider a pickup truck—everyone knows trucks are badass. (Have you ever even seen a truck commercial?) Tough stuff! Now imagine owning a truck AND living the vanlife. With a classic pop-up camper, this is a reality. And with the new limited edition Woolrich x Four Wheel Camper collaboration, that dream is even more attractive.

The unique collaboration takes on two distinct shapes—one for standard bed trucks, and a more integrated version for larger flatbed rigs. Just 100 of the made-to-order pop-up truck campers will be fabricated, each with rare details like custom Woolrich blankets, and Civil War blanket wool upholstered bed and seat cushions. Non-Woolrich specific amenities include a rooftop solar panel, a working stainless sink and two-burner stove, ‘fridge, furnace, and even an internal shower.

And don’t worry, though the interior may be nothing but luxe living, the exterior is rugged as hell, and meant to handle even the roughest backwoods and overland expeditions. Both feature sleek aluminum siding—unique to the collab—and the Flatbed edition boasts an extra utility rack back.

For a closer look at the limted edition collaboration, see this making of video from Four Wheel Camper.