Few items hold the allure that the axe does. It’s a primal tool, perfectly simple by design, and dangerous as hell. Perfect. Now, paint said axe red, and you’re dancing in fancy rich guy territory—dangerous still—but paint it black, and you’ve transcended decoration design and made something unequivocally badass. Whether you agree or not, Michigan-based Victor Axe + Tool at least feels similarly, and we have their freshly released Charcoal Collection as proof.

Consisting of three axes—technically, one is a hatchet—and three soft goods designed to haul tools and logs, the all-black collection is both beautiful and rugged as hell. The Botlon Half Hatchet, Seneca 23” Hudson Bay Axe, and Emerson 28” Boy’s Axe are each made in the USA and hand-finished with a matte black stain and pure Linseed Oil, allowing for continued care as wear will surely show over time. Black leather head covers accompany each as well—always practice safe carrying techniques, you guys.

The Waxed Canvas Tool Roll and Log Tote are standouts, with the former being a classic way to keep track of easily lost tools, and the latter being the best way to haul logs to and from the chopping block and or fireplace. A Tool Duffel is also available in waxed canvas with leather trim.

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