For many New Yorkers (ourselves included) the dream of owning a private cabin Upstate is a constant, right along side a never ending love of bagels and hatred for slow walkers. Though while a lack of funds keeps all but a select few from ever attaining such a dream, two clever NYC residents recently teamed with NYC based Jacobschang Architects to design a cabin capable of being built for just under $20k USD.

Located on a 60 acre plot some two and a half hours northwest of NYC in the tiny hamlet of Barryville, NY, this 360 sf structure was built entirely by its two owners and a handful of friends (presumably earning their right to invite themselves over at any point in the future) over the course of multiple weekends. To aid in construction on the sloping property, the innovative design incorporates two existing trees as supports in the front, and pre-cast concrete footings in the rear.

Both the exterior and interior are clad in Eastern Pine boards cut from trees felled on the property. The angular exterior is treated in traditional Scandinavian black pine-tar while the interior ceiling and walls have been painted white and floor left natural. The effect is a perfect juxtaposition.

The single room cabin is heated by a wood-burning stove and cooled by three large floor-to-ceiling windows that open on a hinge—the southern opening acts as front door. For electricity, a portable generator is available, though not used often. Just the essentials here, folks.