Winter weather in the Pacific Northwest can be unforgiving. Especially if snow riding is your activity of choice. From heavy snow to incessant rain, outdoors lovers in this region demand only the highest quality apparel. Which leads us to TREW, a Hood River, Oregon-based maker of outdoor apparel, and their recently introduced Powfish line.

Consisting of two jackets (to accommodate both boys and girls), a bib, a snowboard, and a set of skis, the all-black collection—developed in partnership with pro skier Colter Hinchliffe—takes aim at outfitting head to toe the snow surfing ninjas among us.

As one would expect from a PNW-based brand, the outerwear is made with waterproof/breathable 2-layer Dermizax fabric with subtle elasticity for ease of movement—gotta be able to tweak out that grab or really lay into a turn now, don’t you? And of course, given the Powfish collection name, the two jackets feature a stylish fish tail design for extra rear end coverage.

But the real show stopper of the collection is the hardgood section—the limited edition ski and snowboard. As this is new territory for POW, they partnered with Denver’s Folsom Skis and Elevated Surfcraft out of Montana to create a super limited run of ultimate pow surfers (10 ski sets and 5 snowboards have been produced in total).

We’ll admit we’re skeptical of 1) a young outerwear brand selling skis and snowboards, and 2) a brand closely associated with skiing selling snowboards. BUT, from afar the collection looks solid, and everything we hear about the TREW crew involves nothing but posi vibes, so we’ll give this rare collection a thumbs up and a one time pass. Just don't make it a habit, OK guys? Leave the pow boards to the real snow surfers ;)