If we could wear jeans all year round we would, but because we call NYC home, that's certainly not an option in the warmer months. So, if we're going to be forced into owning shorts then you can be damn sure we're going to be picky about which pair we wear. Topo Design's Mountain Shorts have been our go-to for the past few summers, but now that the Colorado-based brand has introduced an even lighter weight version, we'll likely be making the switch.

Made in the USA of a breathable, quick drying ripstop nylon, the updated mountain short features front and rear pockets with grommets for water drainage and a belted waist. In other words, they're the ideal pair for floating rivers, hiking trails, skating curbs or even just sitting in the backyard drinking a couple cold ones under an umbrella—if you look hard enough, adventure can be sought almost anywhere.