Colorado's Topo DesignsTopo Designs is best known for bold colors and a retro-inspired aesthetic. Giro on the other hand, hailing from the coast of California, has made waves in recent years with a complete brand identity overhaul, introducing a much more sophisticated, minimal design aesthetic that we applaud. The two brands recently came together to create a capsule collection of helmets and goggles for skiing and snowboarding. The Contact goggle is what most caught our eye, introducing Topo's signature coloring to Giro's tech-laden flagship model, the EXC Contact.

The most notable feature of the goggle is certainly the Snapshot Lens Interchangeable System, which allows lenses to be swapped out with the click of a button (located in the top right corner, like a camera). We recently had the opportunity to test out the limited edition goggle, and were pleasantly surprised at lens system's ease of use, even with gloved hands. Each of the two included ZEISS lens features self-locating magnets and a "secure locking mechanism" in order to simplify the process of changing lenses when adjusting to changing light conditions. To some this may seem like a gimmick, but to anyone who's spent enough time in the mountains to know weather can change in a matter of seconds at times, being able to adjust accordingly can literally be a life saver.

The helmet compatible Contact collaboration goggles sell for $240 from Topo Designs.