There’s just something about surf culture that draws hugely talented creative minds and genuinely curious characters like few other life-consuming activities—not to mention the eyes of so many who have never and will never even attempt to paddle out on their own but dream of the idilic lifestyle. It’s a voyeuristic thing. Rather than try to explain the phenomenon, for now we’d rather just join in in the admiration.

Which brings us to “Surf Shacks,” the latest hardcover to celebrate creative surf culture—more specifically, the beautifully unique places a collection of surfers spend time while waiting for the swell to build.

Published by Berlin’s Gestalten and edited by surf culture blog Indoek, the 288 page book is effectively a physical collection of digital articles from Indoek’s ongoing online series by the same name, with interview excerpts and original photography with a few of the more interesting individuals to be featured.

Shacks all over the world are included, with highlights coming from Colin Tunstall of Saturdays Surf NYC, Floridian artist and painter Ty Williams, photographer Nick LaVecchia of Maine, surfer and sailboat-liver Trevor Gordon, and Venice Beach’s own Kassia Meadow.

As Indoek co-founder and Surf Shacks editor Matt Titone states in the introduction, “This book represents an eclectic mix of surfers from all walks of life. Some are scraping by from project to project, while others have achieved immense commercial success. They’re artists, illustrators, architects, board shapers, photographers, writers, directors, and designers. The common thread is a love for surfing, and a home that reflects their unique take on that passion.”

What someone surrounds themselves with says a lot about who they are, how they see themselves and the world at large. The opportunity Surf Shacks offers is rare. Needless to say, whether you surf or not, this book is worth picking up.