As of yesterday, September 22nd, it's officially fall. You can now breath a sigh of relief. Summer was—and always is—a highlight for outdoor lovers, but let’s be real, we’re sick of iced coffee. While we could drone on about the joys of fall, to avoid sounding like Mr. Autumn himself, we’ll keep this intro short and cut to the chase: We updated our curated Huckberry shop with a couple dozen new bits of gear perfect for outdoors-inclined guys and gals, and even wherever they call home. Read on for a few highlights.

Finisterre: Westray Crew

Soon it’ll be sweater weather, and we want you to be prepared. What better way than this traditional fisherman style wool cable knit sweater? None. There is no better way. End of story.

MIS: Rollup Backpack

So you’re out in the wilderness at sunset, surrounded by solitude, perched atop a tall cliff overlooking a seemingly endless valley below. You give the signal and your buddy 100 yards back captures the perfect, most-likable photo ever. But wait, what’s this? Your beloved Instagram followers are calling you a clown for wearing some wack Swiss Army brand backpack? Avoid that nightmare with this camo pack from MIC.

Foxwares: Arc Mug

We love coffee, and we're willing to bet you do too. Everyone will agree few things are better than a hot cup of camp coffee is damn near the best, but that doesn't mean your home joe routine should suffer. So, stock up on a couple hand-thrown ceramic mugs like these from Foxwares, and elevate your everyday coffee experience.

Apolis: Wool Chore Coat, Indigo

What’s a chore coat you ask? Well, it’s a sturdy top layer made of a durable material meant to be worn as a top layer when the wearer is undertaking arduous tasks, or when drinking coffee in a trendy cafe. Canvas is good, but Italian wool is better. Indigo dyed wool is best. This is that. And just like your favorite raw denim, the indigo wool will fade with age, eventually making for a true one-of-a-kind look and fit.

Huckberry Prints: The Lions

Whether we like it or not, working at a desk is real life. So, an easy way to brighten up your office area or living space and bring the outdoors in is with a beautifully framed photograph, such as this.