Having risen to prominence in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, the A-frame style house is largely seen as an icon of acessible design. With a common layout that encourages open air lofts and creative interior decoration, the barebones design quickly became synonymous with architectural whimsy and weekend wanderlust.

It's easy to say no other cabin style has acquired the cult following and level of digital dedication that the A-frame has—just search #aframe on IG, tumblr or Pinterest and you'll see what we mean. And one of the more attractive, genuine examples we've seen of late is this A-frame deep in California's Sonoma County.

Located just an hour and forty-five minutes north of San Francisco—and minutes from both the coast and wine country—the cozy a-frame is available on Airbnb for $125 a night. A single bed limits the size of your party, but a record player, shelves of books, and a wood-burning stove will surely guarantee plenty of genuine, rustic vibes. Not bad for the price of a casual dinner out in The City.