Snow Peak is a staple these days. But that doesn’t mean the design-driven Japanese outdoor outfitter is uninteresting or unimpressive. In fact, it always is, which is why we find ourselves returning to the brand over and over throughout the year, from foldable coffee filters and insect-proof outerwear to all the titanium cutlery our Instagram-lead heart can desire. The latest product to catch our eye is the Mini Flame, a natural flame camping lantern attachment for fuel canisters—ideal for using the last remaining fumes on otherwise spent tanks.

The Mini Flame combines aluminum, glass, stainless steel, brass and rubber, all in one sleek little device capable of burning for up to 71 hours (with 500g fuel). At just 4.7 inches tall and 1.8 inches in diameter, the palm-sized attachment is meant to bring the feel of vintage lanterns into the modern day in a saver, more efficient and compact package. As they say, it’s “low tech lighting and high design, bringing some romance back to outdoor lighting.” And really, what’s more romantic than a candle lit dinner, even if it’s just you, a pouch of freeze-dried curry and a cold brewski.

Released earlier this week, the Mini Flame is now available online and in their PDX and NYC storefronts.