San Francisco's Moon Collective

Finding inspiration in folklore and between the earth and stars


TF Editors

Driven by "psychedelic research" and inspired by folklore, art, and the celestial world above, Moon Collective is an indie apparel brand hailing from Honolulu and San Francisco. Why two HQs? Well, “each stores it own library of legends, each landscape holds a different wealth of natural awe, but both share only one Moon,” as the brand puts it. And we can’t argue with that. Hell, if we could split time between a really fun city and what seems to be paradise, we’d do it too. But anyways, we’re drawn to the young brand by their minimalist aesthetic, clean designs, semi-spooky illustrations and general mysticism. It all adds up nicely. Plus, from the looks of it, some involved also skate—and actually rip—which may be another reason why then ended up here.

Though their offerings are modest and don’t stray too far from the “we’re an art project slash streetwear brand” staples—coaches jacket, camp cap, long sleeve graphic T—there’s still a handful of designs worth checking out. Highlights include the weather-resistant M Eye Windbreaker, Thinker T, September 16th Tree T, and of course the Camp Patches and Enamel Pin. Each is handled in some way in the US, and reasonably priced.

Dig deeper for your self at Moon Collective directly.

Published 04-11-2016

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