SALT is a sunglasses brand you likely don’t know. Not because they’re new—they were founded in 2006—but because they’re low key, high end, and not widely distributed. But really, those are all reasons you should know SALT. So here we are. The California-based brand recently released their second collection of the year, introducing a handful of new frames for men and women, all inspired by nature, as is their way. Sea, Air, Land, and the Timeless connection between it all—this is what SALT stands for, both literally and figuratively.

The Nielson and Bridges styles are the two real standouts of the recent drop. The first of the two features thick Italaian acetate styling a la 1990’s Black Flys, with four very sleek, marbled colorways. The Bridges design on the other hand is much more delicate, though in the best of ways. Japanese beta titanium frame with tortoise shell detailing and a frame inspired by vintage aviators make the style both contemporary and nostalgic.

Both styles (all SALT sunglasses, actually) come stock with polarized, scratch-resistant Zeiss lenses that are 50% lighter than glass while offering 100% UV protection. If that doesn’t sell you, consider that each frame is hand assembled in Japan by third generation eyewear artisans. As you’d expect, such craftsmanship doesn’t come cheap… but hey, consider it another great opportunity to put the tried and true “it’s an investment” argument to use.