Big wave surfing isn’t for everybody. Heck, it isn’t for most people. Chances are 99.99% of people wouldn’t want anything to do with paddling or being whipped into waves upwards of six stories tall. But, lucky for the most hardcore among us—those rare few who are passionate about early morning hold-downs, late take-offs, and three second drop-ins on waves as big as jumbo jets—Quiksilver, and their new Highline Airlift inflatable vest, has your back

Created in collaboration with Aqua Lung, a world leader in SCUBA equipment, this game-changing vest for big wave surfers could be the difference between getting picked up by a jet ski on the inside and your limp body washing up on the rocks somewhere near Tijuana.

Sorry for the graphic image, but that is actually what’s at stake here. Big wave surfing is a beautiful sport with a long history of incredible waves surfed by the world’s most talented watermen and waterwomen, but it’s also dangerous AF. That’s why this CO2-powered inflation vest will be on the top of wish lists for big wave surfers and their partners this holiday season.

Developed over three years with input from professional surfers, engineers, lifeguards and divers, the Highline Airlift is the pinnacle of water safety technology. With CO2 cartridges embedded in a neoprene top, four pull tabs and a single, separate deflate tab, you have multiple opportunities during a session to pull a tab and quickly be brought back to the surface.

Originally created by Quiksilver for big wave surfers like Peter Mel, Tom Carroll, Ross Clarke-Jones, Koa Rothman and Jamie Mitchel as well as the World Surf League and the Big Wave Tour, the technology is now available to the public (so long as your pockets are deep enough) and has been predestined to be standard issue at big wave spots this winter.

Exciting as it is that you or your sweetheart can finally avoid those nasty minute-long lung-rupturing hold-downs, to ensure proper education and safety, Quiksilver has requested that customers go through a mandatory consultation with a specially trained safety agent before being allowed to purchase. To add to the hoops, the Highline Airlift will only be available for purchase from select specialty retailers. But don’t let that deter you; if big wave surfing is your thing, investing in the gear that’ll bring you home is something you’ll never regret.