Last September while hanging out at Outpost in beautiful Nor Cal (where we hosted the viral Social Media x Ruining Everything talk) we had the rare honor of seeing a test screening of "Project Y," a brilliant and hilarious "feature-length science documentary" aimed at capturing the truth of Type 2 Fun, and helping to define why athletes and outdoorists love it so much. And now, the film is ready for the masses—released earlier this week through Mythical State Of, the mastermind umbrella corporation behind Manual for Speed, Yonder Journal, and Corps of Discovery.

The film is very serious and not-so-serious, it's absolutely bonkers and totally fact-based. Even if you don't give a dang about bike racing, or bikes in general, you're still gonna love it.

We were planning to call up the filmmakers and do a Q&A but that felt like Type 2 Fun in it's own right. Then we were going to write a bunch about it, but then we just spent that window of time watching the film, again. So instead, just read the very official Press Release below, then watch the above.


"It’s part of our shared, universal human experience. It’s been with us since the very beginning, it’s as old as fire. The Greeks discovered it. Modern Philosophy was invented, in part, to study it. In the absence of hunting and gathering and the need to survive old-school-style, in this post-industrial age of communication and virtual everything, it’s more ubiquitous and relevant than ever. But still, nobody really knows what it is or why it’s a thing. Nobody can say with certainty why humans—Subject Athletes—are compelled to push their Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Emotional limits without causation. Until now.

Until we made a feature-length science documentary to finally answer the question: What’s the deal with endeavors and sports and activities commonly referred to as “Type 2” or “Latent FunTM”?

We interviewed Scientists, Rabbis, Nutritionists, Anthropologists, Jungian Dream Therapists and a host of other experts with various fields of expertise. And we experimented on a control group of “Subject Athletes” while they trained and raced the Dirty Kanza 200, the world’s premier Sucks Event. And we put it all in a movie and that movie is called PROJECT Y."