Everyone loves the look of a beach cruiser, but historically they're heavy as hell, prone to rust, and generally just better in theory than IRL. Priority Bicycles aims to change that with the Coast, a newly released complete bike designed to be maintenance free and for more useable than its predecessors.

First up, the new design utilizes a high strength aluminum frame and fork (and color matched fenders). Second, it’s effectively rustproof, even in salty air environments. The wheel set features a sealed bearing hubs with rustproof stainless steel spokes. Priority opted for a Gates Carbon Drive belt system instead of a traditional chain for a grease-free ride and further rustproofing. The synthetic grips and seat are also weather-resistant, making the complete bike more capable of handling sand, saltwater, and sunshine.

Oh, and for an extra Benjamin you can get yourself a rustproof surf rack too! Sure, only a select few folks actually live in a place where you can ride your bike to the breach, but that doesn't mean we can't dream.