As totally fucked as it is, society has somehow reached a point where facts no longer seem to matter, where common sense is no longer common. In the face of such reports, it’s now more important than ever for us as a global citizens—especially as lovers of outdoors—to support initiatives and organizations pushing to continually raise awareness of and action towards climate change and other social issues. Philadelphia-based apparel brand Paratodo aims to do their part by donating 25% of all profits to progressive charity each season.

For FW16, the young brand has introduced the “No More Warm Winters” collection, featuring dystopian graphics commenting on global climate change. From a submerged suburban home to an arctic explorer wandering the desert, the clever graphics warn of what may very well be to come, with good graphic design. The “Trek” hoodie also features a stylized 2 degree celsius front graphic, referencing the reported rise in earth’s surface temperature we will likely see in the coming decades, best case scenario.

Each piece of apparel is made stateside of environmentally conscious materials.