Located on the namesake landmass of the San Juan Islands in the upper leftmost corner of America’s upper leftmost state, the False Bay Writer’s Cabin is a truly isolated refuge of the likes many dream of.

The 500 square foot cabin is more or less a glass cube, designed to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding nature when “open,” and be a near impenetrable fortress when not—ideal for protecting against extreme weather the region is known for. The unique design comes by way of Seattle’s Olson Kundig, a full service design firm continually producing some the most exciting and innovative work in the residential and contemporary cabin space. See Sol Duc Cabin for further proof.

Using a system of hydraulic winches, wire rope and lead blocks, among other components, three of the cabin’s four walls open up to become shutter-decks. Ten foot tall glass windows and sliding doors create an indoor/outdoor environment that’s further celebrated by an interior fireplace that can rotate 180 degrees to be enjoyed from inside or out.

Pretty clever stuff.