Album Surf x Old Pal Provisions Release Soft Top Collaboration

A Spicoli approved collection of fully recyclable, USA-made surfboards from cannabis cool kids Old Pal and the experimental shapers at Album Surf

Album Surf x Old Pal Provisions Release Soft Top Collaboration


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Old Pal Provisions

Courtesy of your highly caffeinated and ever thankful editorial team at FM HQ

Sean Penn’s role as surfer, stoner, Vans-wearing Jeff Spicoli in 1982’s iconic “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” solidified the archetype of the American surfer as perpetually carrying the scent of freshly burned cannabis, focused only on satisfying their hunger for pizza and their next session. Though somewhat heavy-handed, Hollywood has (repeatedly) done a lot worse in portraying surfers. That’s all to say, surfers, like many enlightened folks from all walks of life, aren’t opposed to enjoying some of the finer herbs Mother Nature has to offer.

Far from the weed print socks and Rasta colored boardshorts favored by early 00’s smot pokers, the “Stoned Totems” collaboration from Old Pal Provisions and Album Surf delivers a combination of weed and surfing we can actually get behind. Perfect for socially distanced summer sessions, the American-made range features some Album’s widely adored soft-tops that are actually surfable, and fun.



With three shapes in the lineup, there’s something for all skill levels and styles of wave sliding. And best of all, they are fully recyclable, don’t need wax, and won’t ding when you zone out and accidentally drop them in the parking lot.

The 4’10’’ Seaskate, like its name suggests, rides like a skateboard with loose trucks. Perfect for those already ripping on shortboards who want to pack into shorebreak closeouts. The fish-like twinfin 5’7’’ Presto features a bit more float for getting into waves early and drawing big arcing turns.

And lastly, the undeniably chilliest option (and our pick for small summer days at Rockaway Beach) is the 7’11’’ Kookapinto. Get into even the tiniest waves with ease and enjoy the ride. For some variety mess around with the fin setup—this board can be ridden as a single fin, 2+1, with just the sidebites, or, as a crowd favorite and the galaxy brain style of surfing de jour, finless.


  LAND, the design studio behind Old Pal who has worked with everyone from Nike SB to Stumptown Coffee, really did a number on these boards. Bravo.

Pre-order is now available through Album Surf, with prices ranging from $390 for the Seaskate up to $550 for the Kookapinto. Not bad for an item guaranteed to make your summer and fall a whole lot chiller.


Published 07-30-2020