Off the Road: Explorers, Vans, and Life Off the Beaten Track

German publisher Gestalten adds to their adventure category with even more mouth-watering wanderlust


Johnny Jones

In February of 2014, Berlin-based publisher Gestalten released The Outsiders, a coffee table book extensively documenting "new outdoor creativity" through profiles on some of the most influential movers and shakers in the modern outdoor industry. The book no doubt inspired many—this writer very much included. Building on that momentum Gestalten this month introduced another sizable book built on the very definition of wanderlust, Off the Road.

With a subtitle of "Explorers, Vans, and Life Off the Beaten Track" it's not an easy one to ignore if you're at all adventure inclined.

We recently had the opportunity to review a copy and have nothing but the highest of praises for editors Robert Klanten, Sven Ehmann, Maximilian Funk. Through 256 full color pages, Off the Road makes a lasting impression with tales of uniquely-driven individuals undertaking unconventional adventures, from riding a motorcycle from Florida to Alaska to exploring South America in a decades old Benz.

Surely there is inspiration to be found by any and all who pick up this book and give it a browse.


Published 12-14-2015

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