Japanese Retailer MUJI Introduces Minimalist Prefab Country Home

A one-story wood structure designed to encourage an indoor-outdoor lifestyle across multiple generations

Japanese Retailer MUJI Introduces Minimalist Prefab Country Home


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Known as a design-driven retailer of minimalist homewares, clothing, furniture, and office supplies, MUJI is a go-to for urban aesthetes around the world. In recent years the Japanese brand has added prefabricated homes to its list of diverse offerings too—the MUJI Hut prefab cabin has been available for purchase in Japan for some years now—with the latest design being released this past month, designed specifically for rural regions.


Named Yō no Ie, or Plain House, the single-story structure is designed with an open floor plan—meaning no internal diving walls or designated rooms—to allow for any number of furniture configurations, and to encourage indoor-outdoor living. Massive floor-to-ceiling glass doors further break down the barrier between outside and in.


Passive solar principles and high-quality materials combine to make the modest home both efficient and attractive. Adding to the 800-square-foot interior is a sizable 200-square-foot deck that extends the living space dramatically. A clever built-in sunken fire pit makes the outside space even more inviting.

Inside, MUJI furniture and organizational products are integrated throughout—Marie Kondo would no doubt approve of the minimalist approach.


Coming from a country where the population is rapidly aging, the single-story design makes even more sense. For everyone else, it’s simply an attractive alternative to the popular black box style cabins often featured here.

MUJI's Plain House is available now in Japan for roughly $160,000 USD.

Published 01-21-2020