The Homecoat by 'Inactive-Wear' Brand OFFHOURS Is a Winter Essential

Embrace the Great Indoors with the world's thiccest housecoat—and support the Arizona Wildlife Federation while doing it

The Homecoat by 'Inactive-Wear' Brand OFFHOURS Is a Winter Essential


Gabi Stadulis


Cait Opperman

Gabi is a Portland, OR-based designer and whitewater woman from Richmond, VA.

Here at Field Mag we know the value of finding a balance between active and inactive lifestyles. Sure, we dream of adventures far and wide, and get outdoors as often as is allowed. But being able to embrace the Great Indoors is important, too. (Especially when COVID records are being set almost daily.)

Enter the Homecoat, by fellow New Yorkers OFFHOURS, a Chinatown-based brand making "inactive-wear for being indoors".

As the story goes, founders Rebecca Zhou and David McGillivray wanted to emphasize the importance of the "inactive" part of a healthy lifestyle—to embrace moments of downtime in a chaotic world where most either seem to be working, or worrying about not working. Unimpressed with what conventional “loungewear” and “sleepwear” apparel categories had to offer, the concept of “inactive-wear”—and the Homecoat was born. As their one and only product, the Homecoat—aka the world’s comfiest, softest, most-elegant unisex robe ever—is perfect for staying inside and simply recouperating from the overwhelming weight of existing in "these unprecedented times."



With a textured cotton/linen blend on the outside and a t-shirt-like blended bamboo/poly blend on the inside, this wearable comforter is as cozy as a sleeping bag—just wrap yourself up with the attached waist tie and be horizontal wherever you’re called to.

The Homecoat is available in seven colors, with the newest colorway, Red Rock, released earlier this week and inspired by the rich colors and New Age vibes of the Bell Rock vortex in Sedona. A percentage of proceeds from each sale will be donated to the Arizona Wildlife Federation, a non-profit dedicated to protecting wildlife and their habitats through education, inspiration, advocacy, and action in Arizona.



With a hefty price tag of $345, one may expect a made in USA label. Instead, each robe is lovingly made in China, and OFFHOURS is proud of it. The budding brand has made a conscious effort to rebrand their "made in China" label, emphasizing their partnership with a small factory in Shenzen, China, near Zhou's hometown. It's a "thriving, young, female owned business that cares about their product and employees," as OFFHOURS puts it.

It’s a beautiful garment to lounge around the house in; and it's nice enough that it doesn’t look like it’s the only thing you’ve worn for three weeks straight, although it probably is.

Plus, it's machine washable.


Published 01-14-2021