In the backcountry every ounce counts. Everyone knows this, yet it's one of those things that by and large easier said than done. Cutting an extra layer or essential tool from your pack list can be catastrophic, so it's best to try and shave a bit of weight off each item your carry to make enough of a different to save your back from screaming to early on. While Titanium is the obvious go-to for the hardcore among us, aluminum is the next best thing. All of the above is observed in the Alpine Kettle 16 from Japan technical outdoor outfitter Montbell.

We hauled this little sucker up to Devil's Peak Lookout last fall and while it seemed to be a superfluous thing to bring (a kettle), it ended up being our most used piece of cooking equipment. I mean, why boil water in a pot or pan when you can do it in half the time in this ultra cool looking kettle?

Weighing in at just 6.6 ounces and capable of holding ove 20 ounces of water, the Alpine Kettle 16 sells for just $19 and nestles inside the Montbell Alpine Cooker 16 pot set, making the whole operation easier to carry while saving room in your pack as well. Oh, yeah, it'll also work just fine in your home kitchen if you're simply looking for a cute tea kettle replacement.