Mission Workshop Ripley Women's Sweater

The classic hoodie gets a luxe upgrade with Peruvian alpaca fleece and an active cut


TF Editors

For some insane reason many brands making great outerwear and gear for men seem to think the “shrink and pink” approach to women’s wear still makes sense. Well, it doesn’t. So it’s worth taking note when we a brand like Mission Workshop makes an effort to offer stylish, functional pieces designed specifically to fit the female body. The Ripley is one such item. No, it’s not technical or really even overtly outdoorsy, but it’s well-designed, well-considered, and without a doubt cozy AF.

The Ripley is made by hand in the Peruvian Andes using pure 100% alpaca fleece. The cut is extended to cover keep your entire upper body warm, and features a turtleneck style hood to again, keep you warm. Cuff and hem are double-knit for durability and fit, and the left back features a “hidden” zippered stash pocket. All signs point to this being your new go-to sweater this winter (goodbye former fav hoodie).

Published 12-02-2016

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