Mark Gonzales has become a living legend. Well, he has been one for some time now. But in recent years the exaltation of skateboarding's beloved goofball has reached new heights. Over the weekend Adidas Skateboarding premiered their new video "Away Days" here in NYC. Having been pro for the three stripes for multiple decades now, he's more a godfather than a team rider. And on Saturday evening, this came through loud and clear as his voice narrated the hour long film after physically introducing it himself—to a roaring applause of course. Anyways the point is, the Gonz can do no wrong. He's loved by skaters, artists, and other lookers on the world over—in Japan however, he's a god among men.

This table clock is just one of many delightfully funny objects sold under the Mark Gonzales name in Japan. He also has his name on rugs, coffee mugs, and bedroom slippers. All in the shape of his Shmoo character—the mascot of his skateboard brand Krooked—and adorned by his scribbly signature.

This clock is one such item that we're quite keen on. And that's really all there is to say. It's a clock, and because it's a collab with the Gonz—and very respected Japanese homewares brand Second Lab—then it is in fact the coolest fucking clock you'll ever rest on your desk. Plain and simple.

Drink the Kool-Aid. You won't regret it.