We’re going to let you in on a little secret here: Kinoko. The London-based retailer has been our go-to for outerwear inspiration for some time now. Specializing in “useful items which aid an active life,” Kinoko carries a wide range of specially selected cult brands from the US, UK, Japan, among others. And now, the careful outfitter is introducing their own line of apparel and outerwear, coincidently titled “Field.”

The collection explores a range of fabrics and clothing styles originally intended for use in the British outdoors. Classic weather-resistant materials like moleskine and wide wale corduroy are used to fortify a sturdy overshirt and pair of trousers, respectively, but Ventile steals the show. Waterproof, breathable, and highly durable, Ventile was developed during WWII and first used in RAF pilot flight suits. The heavy-duty material itself has a bit of cult following. Here we see it deployed in the form of a heavyweight jacket and trouser kit.

Supporting “slow manufacturing” has long been a keystone of Kinoko, and as such, each item in the new collection is made in London by hand of premium British, European, and Japanese fabrics and trims. Yes, this does run up the price tag a bit, but if you’re willing to drop big bucks on highly specialized technical gear that often sees infrequent use, why not invest in some fortified apparel designed for everyday wear both in the city and out.