Architectural Inspo: Juvet Landscape Hotel, Norway

A striking collection of modernist structures that reflect their natural surroundings


TF Editors

Built on a nature reserve in Norway’s remote northwestern region, the Juvet Landscape Hotel was specially designed to blend in with its surrounding environment, reflecting its beauty rather than intruding upon it.

As topographic preservation was central to the project getting a green light from the country’s conservation authorities, Architects Jensen & Skodvin chose to scatter the hotel footprint across a wide area, integrating multiple elevated structures (using 40mm steel rods) into the existing topography without rock blasting or altering the terrain in any lasting way. This concept of dwelling distribution further eliminated the need to create large-scale foundations and other such invasive infrastructure, ensuring the natural terrain would remain as preserved as possible. As the Juvet Hotel’s literature deftly explains it, “conserving the site is a way to respect the fact that nature precede and succeeds man.”

With nine unique rooms in total, each offers floor to ceiling windows oriented in such a way that no two visitors will experience their surroundings the same. In this way privacy and a sense of isolation are achieved without the need for curtains or other view-inhibiting devices. After all, it’s the incredible, wild environment that is this hotel’s main attraction, not some shameful discotech. There is a spa though, of course. We can’t knock that.

Published 01-04-2016

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