It’s Monday and it’s cold and we wish were still in bed and we bet you wish you were too. But we’re all adults here, and that means wearing pants and being productive members of society today. But what if you had a pair of pants that were so comfy you wouldn’t mind putting on—or want to take off—and that looked good enough to be worn wherever you needed to go? Well, that’s the question, more or less, the founder of Ijji asked himself, and then answered.

Designed to be worn by men and women alike (and now kiddos too), Ijji pants feature an elastic waist with drawstring closure, and are made in California of sturdy, tight-weave Japanese canvas that will wear in nicely with age.

Lightweight, comfy cotton pants perfect for travel, hitting the bouldering wall, sitting at a desk while dreaming of being outside, actually being outside... the opportunities are endless. Plus the name comes from the Japanese word used to refer to any loose-fitting drawstring pant (イージーパンツ pronounced i-ji-pantsu, or “easy pants”), so you know we’re already sold.