It's been about a year now since word of the Honcho Poncho leaked from the Cascade Designs campus in Seattle, WA. And just this past July while exploring the San Juan Islands with Therm-a-Rest we had the chance to test the upgraded drug rug for ourselves—the result of which being a couple seriously cozy nights and mornings.

The Honcho Poncho is essentially a blanket with a hooded hole in the middle, which when utilized makes it a poncho. It’s an extremely simple, and effective design. Side snaps turn the sarape-like shape into something a bit more substantial by creating designated arm holes. Proprietary synthetic insulation technology keeps the Honcho super warm, while the organic design allows for airflow to help regulate your body temp (removing the hood helps too, of course). And of course, the entire water-resistant blanket/poncho packs into the kangaroo pocket when not in use, transforming it into quite the comfy pillow.

At nearly 2lbs, the Honcho Poncho isn’t designed for the backcountry, but boy is it at home around a campfire, in the backyard, and even at sporting events. While the current colorways are bit… shall we say, non-ideal… word is more refined options will be hitting shelves this winter. Keep an eye out.