Packable Bench One by Helinox Is a Clever Camp Seating Solution

A lightweight, portable bench that boasts maximum strength and minimum weight from the celebrated South Korean camp furniture creator

Packable Bench One by Helinox Is a Clever Camp Seating Solution


Gabi Stadulis



Gabi is a Portland, OR-based designer and whitewater woman from Richmond, VA.

Here at FM, oure bread and butter is outdoor brands that value form on par with function, and no one in the camp furniture space does this quite like Helinox. The South Korean manufacturer consistently delivers well-considered designs that making camping—be it backpacking or car camping—a more comfortable experience.

The latest addition to their lineup of sleek, elegant, and packable chairs and camp cots is the all-new Bench One, a collapsible seating solution for campsites everywhere.



Bench One seats two people comfortably (plus maybe even your lap dog, too) with 44" of seating room and a 320lb weight limit. Packed, the minimal 4lb 10oz bench lands at just 18" x 6" making it easy to toss in a backpack, trunk, or gear bin and ideal for car camping or virtually any other outdoor activity that doesn’t require an argdeous hike in (yes, this includes chilling in the backyard, on the roof, or the porch).


As anyone who’s purchased any piece of outdoor furniture knows, you get what you pay for. And Helinox products don't come cheap—the new Bench One clocks in at $299. But here, you’re paying for remarkably strong DAC lightweight aluminum used in expedition backpacking tents (Helinox is the only camp furniture brand to use this technology), a particularly high weight limit, and a five year warranty.

As longtime advocates of a “buy less, invest” approach to gear and outdoor equipment, we think the Bench One may be a worth it.



Published 08-13-2020