Based in Brooklyn, Hasta Sporting makes apparel designed for the city and inspired by the outdoors. This may sound corny, but the guys behind the newish menswear brand share design experience at such heavyweights as Supreme and Woolrich, and a mutual love and respect for the ocean. Their latest line is modest, though has some standouts. And while we can’t quite get behind the graphic tank tops (too Cali bro for our blood), the Fisherman Shirt is right up our alley. After all, we’re suckers for a shirt-jacket.

The lightweight, 100% cotton shirt slash jacket is available in a handful of colors, features four hidden button front pockets—the top left of which features a microfiber insert for cleaning shades or hooking flies on while fly fishing—and natural Corozo nut buttons. With this minimal outer layer, what you see is what you get. And that’s just fine.

Keep an eye on the emerging brand in the coming seasons as they’re set to introduce more at Liberty Fairs (10-12 July in NYC) and OR this fall.