A quick google and ye olde internet will quickly tell you Australia is home to every single deadly animal on earth. Ever. They all live there. It's fact. Because of this, when camping, it's best you elevate your sleep setup from the ground whenever possible. A rooftop tent would be best, one of the best hammock tents might be second, but a hammock will do too—the Carry-On Hammock from Aussie new lifestyle brand Ghost Outdoors is a solid option, whether actually venturing into the outback, or just chilling close to home.

Made of ultra lightweight parachute nylon with sturdy climbing rope and aluminum carabiners for attachment, the minimalist product is straight to the point and better off for it (a bit more about the design process here). It packs down small into its own carrying pouch, and can be strung up between trees, car bumpers, fence posts, etc. Bring it to the beach, to the campsite, to your roof, backyard, or wherever. Best paired with a warm breeze and cold beers.

Spring is close. We’re almost there. And when it comes, be prepared with design-minded, fun-having gear like this.